Saskatchewan Employment Act

    Proclaimed on April 29, 2014, the Saskatchewan Employment Act consolidates previous labour legislation from twelve Acts, into a single comprehensive Act. By restructuring existing provisions and eliminating inconsistences, the new Act modernizes and updates legislation to address contemporary employment relationships.

    What is the Saskatchewan Employment Act?
    • Consolidates previous labour legislation from 12 Acts into one comprehensive Act, including: The Labour Standards Act, The Occupational Health and Safety Act, and The Trade Union Act.
    • Includes associated Regulations (Employment Standards Regulations, Minimum Wage Regulations, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations).
    What is the intent of the changes to the legislation?
    • To modernize and update the legislation by restructuring existing provisions and eliminating inconsistencies to more accurately reflect modern employment relationships.
    Hours of work and banking of overtime
    • Banked overtime is permitted on agreement between the employer and employee--agreements with employees in-scope of a bargaining unit require agreement from the union.
    • Modified hours of work or averaging of hours agreements with emplyees in-scope of a bargaining unit require agreement from the union.

    For more information, please contact Human Resources; 306-966-6270

    Minimum call-out - are U of S students considered "school students" under the Act?
    • While there is no clear definition of "school student" contained in the Act, the Government of Saskatchewan website indicates "school students," for the purpose of minimum call-out, comprises students in grade 12 and lower during the school term.  Therefore, university students are not exempt from minimum call-out.
    • Minimum call-out has changed to 3 x employee wage.
    • This change will be implemented on July 1, 2014.
    With revised employee definitions, will some employees be moved out-of-scope?
    • The application of the new definitions for "employee" and "supervisory employee" will be considered and changes will be negotiated between the university and its unions.
    What are the changes to leaves of absence?

    Six leaves of absence have been introduced.  The new employment leaves that follow are currently without pay:

    • Citizenship ceremonies - 1 day
    • Organ donation - (up to) 26 weeks
    • Compassionate care - (up to) 8 weeks
    • Critically ill child care - (up to 37 weeks)
    • Crime-related child death - (up to 104 weeks)
    • Crime-related child disappearance - (up to) 52 weeks

    Additional changes to leaves of absence:

    • The qualifiying period for maternity, parental and adoption leaves has been reduced to 13 weeks.
    • Bereavement leave has increased to 5 days for immediate family members.
    What is the status of Essential Services?
    A placeholder is included in the legislation, to be used when the Supreme Court of Canada provides guidance on how essential services should be delivered in Saskatchewan.
    Where can I get more information about the new Saskatchewan Employment Act?