Relocation Expenses

    Incurred expenses for relocating a new employee and their immediate family members may be covered.  The letter of offer will indicate an employee's eligibility for reimbursement. Please note the following regarding the moving expense provision:

    • No moving expenses are paid if the candidate declines the offer of employment or is denied entry into Canada by immigration authorities.
    • Original receipts and other appropriate documents must support all claims for reimbursement. Claims are to be presented to Human Resources and are reimbursed to the maximum of the moving allowance.

    For additional information regarding relocation expenses, contact:

    Katharine Fahlman-Smith, Manager, Recruitment and Global Mobility
    Human Resources
    University of Saskatchewan
    Ph: 306-966-6635

    Housing Assistance

    Housing Assistance may be available when purchasing a new home for an employee's personal use for in-scope faculty and senior administration employees. The offer of employment will indicate if an employee is eligible for this assistance. For additional information, visit Housing Assistance, review in the Knowledge Base or discuss with the Manager, Recruitment and Global Mobility.

    Spouse/Partner Career Program

    This program is available to spouses/partners of newly hired and recently relocated faculty members and senior administrators.  The University of Saskatchewan's Spouse/Partner Career Program is designed to provide spouses/partners with professional support in their search for non-academic employment, either at the University or elsewhere in Saskatoon. Additional information can be found here.