Recruit and Hire Staff

    The University of Saskatchewan is committed to diversity and has a strategic focus on the recruitment of Aboriginal employees.

    Only internal vacancies are posted on our website; if you are an external employer seeking University of Saskatchewan students/alumni other options are available:

    Recruitment Resources

    Our new recruitment-focused website and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will provide a more user-friendly experience for job seekers, and support easier candidate review and selection for hiring managers.

    Current USASK faculty and staff can access the ATS through the PAWS Employee channel

    Refer to the Knowledge Base for:

    Advertising a position
    all positions are posted online at:
    • if there is a possibility that a foreign worker (non-Canadian) may be considered, you must contact Human Resources at: before proceeding with your recruitment 
      • procedural errors will delay and jeopardize an application for immigration clearance
      • non-compliance will jeopardize the entire organization
    • if you are considering an international search, advertising with is required
      • departments are responsible for advertising on this website to fulfil the Government of Canada requirement
      • see advertising with saskjobs for instructions
    Hire a successful candidate

    Hiring Manager

    The manager prepares and submits the:

    • Electronic Job Submission (EJS) with letter of offer and resume attached
      • letters of offer and resumes for Student Assistants, GTF, GSF, and hourly paid personnel are not required/held in Human Resources
      • all appointments must be submitted electronically 
    • Position Request Change Form is required for all new Tenure Track, Continuing, Without Term, Permanent and Seasonal positions and to authorize changes to existing positions
    • Study or Work Permit and copy of SIN card with valid expiry date
      • required for all non-Canadian citizens and non-permanent residents
    • For additional information contact the Data Processing team at 966-2000 or

    New Employee

    The manager directs the new employee to PAWS to:

    The manager ensures the new employee completes/signs the following:

    • TD1 and TD1SK forms (sent to Payroll)
      • required for all new hires or upon rehire where the employee has not worked in the current calendar year
      • also required if personal situations change which affect tax deductions (i.e. children, marriage, etc.)
    • Two copies of the appropriate Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) (sent to Human Resources)

    Employee Orientation

    • the manager is required to provide the new employee with an orientation to their work environment upon commencing employment
    • Human Resources will contact the new employee to take part in the University's New Employee Orientation