Professional Development

CUPE 1975


  • The CUPE 1975 Collective Agreement provides for funding to assist and encourage employees to increase or upgrade skills
  • Reimbursement is on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Tuition waivers are now processed through Student Accounts & Treasury 

Employee Development Application Form


ASPA members who have term, permanent, or seasonal status are able to have tuition fees waived for one credit course per academic term for courses taken at the University of Saskatchewan. This waiver is accessed through the Student Accounts and Treasury unit of the Financial Services Division. There is also an Accountable Professional Development Account for eligible employees to help defray costs of memberships, conferences, and other professional development opportunities.

Guidelines and more information can be accessed by clicking here.

CUPE 3287

Change to the Academic Participation/Professional Development and Tuition Waiver Fund 

As if July 2017, these two fund have been combined. Please complete the form and submit directly to the CUPE 3287 union Office. 

Academic Participation/Professional Development and Tuition Application Form

Faculty members can access a waiver of tuition fees for one credit course per academic term. There is also an Accountable Professional Expense Account. Employees can claims reimbursement from this account up to four times in any academic year. This helps to defray costs associated with teaching, research, conference attendance, and other professional activities.

For information about the Tuition Waiver form please refer to Article 22.15 of the USFA collective agreement.
For the Tuition Waiver form, please click here.

Please see the Exempt Staff Agreeement, Item 5  for information on professional development for exempt staff members.