Workshop: How to Receive Criticism and Make it Work for You Workshop

Receiving criticism is an important and valuable skill. To achieve success in any endeavour we must be able to tolerate critical feedback and learn from it.

However, receiving criticism is difficult for most people. Upon receiving criticism, we feel vulnerable and become defensive and thereby miss opportunities to benefit from feedback. This workshop will help you explore why we become defensive, deliver tips for knowing when your “hot button” has been pushed and how to accept and integrate useful criticism. The training will also instruct though examples and/or role plays.

This workshop is targeted to anyone looking to learn and grow through the criticism they receive from others.

Workshop Objective
At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

Describe why criticism sometimes hurts

  • Identify emotions that get triggered when one is criticized
  • Describe how feedback can feel like an attack on your identity

Identify ways to respond effectively to criticism

  • Describe methods used to protect your ego
  • Identify ways to acknowledge that you heard the feedback
  • Describe the types of probing questions you can ask to reap benefits from the criticism

Date: Mon., Jan. 16, 2017
Time: 3-4 pm
Location: Arts 101, Arts Building


For more information,
contact Wellness Resources; 306-966-4580

This event is free for all University of Saskatchewan Employees.