May 2 - 8, 2016 is Mental Health Week in Canada

May 2 – 8, 2016 is Canada’s 65th annual Mental Health Week. Take time to inform yourself about mental health by following us on Twitter @USaskWellness, seeking out resources on mental health and participating in events around Saskatchewan.

Mental Health Week is an occasion for all Canadians to have a candid discussion about mental health and wellness and help put an end to the stigma around mental illness once and for all.

In Canada and around the world, many people suffer in silence with an illness that is invisible to others. One in five Canadians will struggle with mental illness at some point in their lives. Too often, they hesitate to seek the help and support they need out of fear of discrimination or shame.

At the university and in our communities we all have a responsibility to raise awareness about mental health. We must actively encourage honest and open conversations about what mental health is and what we can do to increase our collective wellbeing. We must listen to our colleagues and peers to watch for signs and offer them support and advice in times of need. It can be a challenge for all of us to cope with the fast pace of life, daily stresses, and obligations. We all need to stand strong together.

Now is the time to #GETLOUD for mental health!

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