A Guide to Performance Feedback Discussions

Performance Feedback Diagram
Focus on Development
Performance feedback discussions are intended to support learning and development for employees so they may meet the accountabilities and competencies outlined in their job profiles. Annual performance reviews were formerly linked to merit recommendations and the timing linked to submitting merit deadlines. Separating the two processes allows the annual performance review discussion to focus on the accountabilities and competencies described in the job profile so the outcome of the discussion is developmental.
Discuss Performance Frequently
  • Informal performance discussions should be frequent so employees understand what is expected of them—these informal discussions may be initiated by the employee or the supervisor
  • formal performance review discussions should be held once annually to clarify expectations and supervisor support, confirm annual goals, and create a development plan. Annual reviews may be spread out over the year (using the employee’s anniversary date or some other prompt) to a time that best suits the college or unit.
Create Effective Relationships

Performance feedback creates effective relationships between supervisors and their employees by providing an opportunity for the following dialogue to take place:

  • recognize and appreciate successes
  • regularly review and clarify expectations
  • ensure reasonable goals are set
  • identify areas for improvement in meeting accountabilities and competencies
  • ensure an annual development plan is in place
  • ensure support for the employee’s learning and development needs
  • commit to the employee’s success
Plan and Complete Annual Performance Discussion
  • Both the employee and the supervisor should use the performance feedback form as a guide to prepare for the annual one-on-one discussion.
  • The employee and supervisor should complete the steps as described on the performance feedback form.
  • The development plan portion of the discussion also provides an opportunity to fulfil a supervisor’s obligation to review an employee’s spending plans for their Accountable Professional Expense Funds (APEF) each year, which are provided by the university to support employee development.