Vacation Balance and Request

    You can view your vacation balance by logging into  PAWS >> Employee >> My Employment >> Time Reporting. Your current balance (in hours) will be listed in the row for the current pay period. To request vacation, click View/Edit for the desired pay period.

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    PAWS Time Reporting

    Vacation - Time Summary

    In the time type ‘Vacation’ row, indicate the number of hours of vacation you are taking for each working day (white box) that you wish to take off. Add a comment if required and click ‘Request Vacation’ to submit the request to your supervisor. To save for potential changes prior to submission to your supervisor, click ‘Save’.

    Vacation - Time Reporting screen

    This will send a notification of your request to your supervisor for their approval. Departments may have supplemental guidelines for vacation requests, however, wherever possible, your vacation request will not be unreasonably denied. Provide as much notice as possible when requesting vacation.

    Editing or Cancelling Vacation Time

    Your vacation request may be changed at any point prior to taking vacation. Go back into Time Reporting through PAWS as described above, and click on ‘View/Edit for the correct pay period. Make your changes and enter comments in the textbox provided if desired. Select ‘Save’ or ‘Request Vacation’ if this pay period is still in the future. If in the current pay period, select ‘Submit’.

    Submitting Vacation Timesheet

    You are required to submit your timesheet at the end of each pay period, twice a month. Go into the Time Reporting page through PAWS as described above. Ensure all vacation days taken have been entered and click ‘Submit.

    Carrying Over Vacation Time

    Under special circumstances, you may, at the time of reviewing annual vacation, request permission from your department head to carry over up to and including one-half of your annual vacation entitlement from one year to the next. Upon approval of this carry over request, you must use all annual entitlement in the year in which vacation is carried forward.

    Leaving the University

    When you terminate from the university for any reason (resignation, retirement, layoff etc), any unused vacation accrual will be paid out on the next payroll cycle following the effective date of the termination.