Retirement Planning

    There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but the following information is a good start:

    • There is no mandatory retirement age in Saskatchewan.
    • A "normal retirement date" is required under legislation and can be used for planning purposes. This date is defined by the pension plan you are enrolled in. For more information please visit the Pensions Office website at
    • Disability benefits are affected following your "normal retirement date" if you continue to work.
    • Speak to your supervisor as soon as you have made the decision to retire.
    • A letter stating your intention to retire will be required, with copies for both Human Resources and the Pensions Office.
    • Your department will need to submit an electronic job submission, this should be arranged through the appropriate administrative staff member in your department.
    • The electronic job submission prompts Human Resources to complete the appropriate administrative processes.
    • There may be important, specific requirements associated with your employment agreement, please ensure you are aware of any employment agreement retirement requirements.
    • Contact the Pensions Office if you have questions.