Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in response to Letter of Understanding (LOU)

  • When do I have to make a decision about whether to accept the voluntary severance package?

    October 31, 2015 is the final date by which notice of resignation, and acceptance of the voluntary severance package must be submitted to the Dean of the College of Medicine. A withdrawal of the notice to resign can be made at any time, up to 90-days prior to the effective date specified in the notice to resign form.
  • Can the ACFP be signed with a physician’s professional corporation?

    If you elect the voluntary severance package and transition to the ACFP, you will have the ability to pursue an ACFP under contract arrangements with the Government, Health Region, and the College of Medicine.  The terms of the ACFP will be outlined by an Individual Service Agreement to be negotiated directly between the physician, the Government, the specific Health Region, and the College of Medicine. 

    Inquiries related to ACFPs should be directed to Tammy Goebel, Saskatoon Health Region.  Information is can also be found on the ACFP website which is

  • The LOU provides that by mutual written agreement between the Dean and the faculty, the date of resignation can be deferred for up to two years.  When will decisions be made regarding requests for deferral?

    Notice to resign and accept the voluntary severance package should be directed to the Dean by October 31, 2015. Consideration of requests for deferral will occur after October 31, 2015.  Requests for deferral will be assessed on the basis of demonstrated medical education needs as described by the faculty member making the request for deferral.
  • If I resign and accept the voluntary severance package, will I lose my pension?

    You will not lose your pension by choosing voluntary severance package. However, there will be no more continued contributions from the university after the effective date of resignation. You will be provided with payment in lieu as indicated in the LOU.

    Inquiries related to pension should be directed to the Pension Office at

  • If I retire early rather than resign, will I be eligible for the voluntary severance package?

    Notice of resignation is required in order to accept the voluntary severance package. If you choose the voluntary severance package, you will not be entitled to also receive the post-retirement spending account described in Article 24.3.2 of the 2014-2017 USFA Collective Agreement. 
  • Is there any option to spread the severance payment over time?

    Yes, severance will be paid by annual installments over a period of up to 5 years after the effective date of resignation (see paragraph 13 of LOU).
  • Will there be amendments to Clinical Practice Plans in the future?

    In order to address the financial situation in current Clinical Practice Plans the university is proceeding with a review of the plans and the amendment of the method by which clinical funds are being distributed amongst the members of the plans.  Members will be given notification of the university’s intent to change past practice, followed by a consultation process.  Ultimately individual negotiations will take place with the affected physicians where they will be transitioned to the new model the College is implementing to distribute clinical funds.

  • Will I have access to APEF balances after resignation or will they need to be completely spent?

    APEF balances need to be spent prior to resignation. Outstanding expenses, incurred prior to the resignation date, must be submitted within the 2 months following the resignation date. 

  • What becomes of the items purchased with APEF money?

    According to university guidelines, APEF purchases are property of the university and are to remain with the university. If you decide to accept the voluntary severance package, options can be discussed with your department head.

    For more information on APEF guidelines, please visit:

  • What happens to my university email and file access, do I still have access after my resignation?

    If you are U of S Alumni, you will retain your university email address. A transition plan will be developed for others who currently use university emails and electronic file systems, prior to resignation effective dates. 

  • Will this arrangement compromise the research and academic mission of the university?

    The College of Medicine is committed to ensuring the research and academic mission of the university is upheld. These changes will re-engage faculty in a different way and remains a top priority for the college. The voluntary severance package allows everyone to consider their own academic and career goals. 

    The ultimate goal is to expand the academic productivity and reputation of the College of Medicine. The dean is willing to work with all physicians appointed to the College of Medicine to grow their academic careers. If you would like to read more on the Dean’s thoughts regarding the changes, please visit Preston’s Blog.

If you have any other questions that you wish to discuss, please contact We recognize that there are many individual situations and circumstances have not been addressed here. We ask for your patience as we work our way through many of the more complex questions.